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You have friends, coaches, partners, deal sources and resources to help you as you help them. Together we are all so much more than the sum of our individual parts.

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Weekly Meetings

Local groups vary. National call on Wednesdays and third Thursdays. Networking, Teaching via live video feed. Q&A, Deal Analysis, Partnerships, Friendships

Member Access

Free admission to weekly meetings. Access to prior presentations and full videos. Discounts on Courses, Workshops, Mentoring and more!

Expert Training

Wednesdays and Thursdays Local groups or individual members join the video call for up to the minute information and training.



Our leaders have done thousands of real estate deals between them and bring powerful experience to every gathering

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Our Results

We are a team of like-minded people who do business, generate ideas and realize them. Finance, Marketing, Jurisprudence and Business Economy are our directions and we know how to deal with many financial issues.
01. Start Now

We will guide you through these steps. It’s your life, your dream, and your pace.

02. Make Decisions Faster

We are here to help you and then encourage you to help someone else in their journey to real estate investing success.

04. Grow your network

And when you are in, you will be one of those helping others in their journey.

-Pat Cawood
“I wish I had met you before spending so much in my training.”
-Pat Cawood
-Eric Olson
“I got more value in the first 15 minutes of his talk than many other entire presentations.”
-Eric Olson
-Maverick Robinson
“Listen to what this man has to say. You will learn something.”
-Maverick Robinson
-Ari Wajnberg
“I am amazed at what he knows and remembers and the context he brings to every discussion.”
-Ari Wajnberg
-Teresa Tygart
“I wish I had found him before I went to xxxxxxxxxx training.”
-Teresa Tygart
– Cheryl Bennett
“His presentation on the contracting process ALONE is worth the entire price of admission.”
– Cheryl Bennett
– Helen Chadwick
“Whatever he charges for his course or his mentoring, he isn’t charging enough.”
– Helen Chadwick


Have you chaired a committee meeting? Organized a birthday party? If so, you can lead a Flipping America local REIA group. All you need is a place to meet, internet access and a few friends to begin. We will help with the rest!

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FARIEA Membership

$25/ month

or $240 Yearly

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$249/ month

Get expert Group coaching and level up faster. *Includes Basic Membership Perks

weekly coaching calls
Get Answers Fast
Meet like minded Investors
All Membership Access


Local Leader

$50/ month

or $480/year. Build your tribe.

Find New Partners
Make money with FARIEA
Grow your expertise.
Inside access & credibility.
Includes all Individual Membership Benefits
We will help you every step of the way.

Every meeting is an opportunity to get advice and direction. The meetings might cost $5-10 to attend, but that’s almost free! For a truly free experience, go to and click to schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy call. You will get an advisor’s undivided attention at no cost or obligation. Roger takes a few of these calls each week himself. Who knows? You might find yourself speaking with the Flipping America Guy. 

Roger Blankenship

Roger has been investing in real estate since 2002. He made it his full time career in 2006. In that time he has done more than 1000 real estate deals including more than 900 fix and flips. In addition to being an active and prolific Investor, he is a Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Host of the “Flipping America” Radio Show and Podcast. Roger’s prior life experience as an educator, business leader, and pastor provide him with a unique perspective that he brings to bear in every talk. 


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