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a family

In our increasingly isolated and insulated world, the Flipping America REIA brings people together. Small groups connect with technology and big things happen. If your network is your net worth, a national network must be pure gold-pressed latinum! (You’re welcome Star Trek nerds!) Headquarters is a 925B Peachtree St STE 512, Atlanta, GA 30309. That’s the main drag through Atlanta and while it sounds impressive, it’s really just a box at the UPS Store. But we do check in there nearly every day. Our phone is 404-369-1018 and there’s a bunch of extensions, but that’s thanks to Grasshopper. If you want to email us just click the button below. What follows is a bit about the FAREIA, where we came from, how we formed, and where we are going. This is the “about us” page, right?



We are an Association of Real Estate Professionals coming together to learn from, encourage, and inspire one another. 



The fox that chases five rabbits catches none. We help our members find their best fit and be successful. You have many options, but not all of them are ideal for you.



FAREIA members commit to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. We know our craft, understand how business is done, and do what we say we will.

“There is at least a thousand ways to make a million dollars in real estate”

Gordon Catts

remember the past

Since 2015

In late 2015 Roger and Dianna received some disappointing news. Meetup.com was about to shut down their favorite (and only) real estate networking group. They had been attending “Flipping Atlanta” since 2013 and had enjoyed the information and the energy. After failing to get some of the others to take over the group, Roger stepped up and became the organizer. We had 219 members that day. The group grew to over 1300 members that year.

Figuring it out


Growing and Thinking...

At the close of 2019 we had seven groups in Atlanta, over 7500 members all across the Atlanta region. The Wednesday and Thursday meetings were out of reach for many of those not living or working downtown. How could be best serve their needs? We kicked around the idea of rotating locations, but that presented communication and logistical issues. At the same time we realized that many of our members were leaders, organizers, and knowledgeable investors who had much to offer. Perhaps we could reach more of our local members while at the same time providing opportunities for growth and leadership to others. BOOM. The FAREIA was on the way!

Creative Deal Makers - Wednesdays

We met every Wednesday for lunch, real estate conversation, making friends, doing deals.

Flipping America Local - Thursdays

Our monthly meeting evolved into a weekly event - similar to Wednesdays.

The Idea was born...

It was suggested, actually, by our good friend Gordon Catts, co-founder of the Georgia, Atlanta and National REIAs. The Flipping America REIA was conceived in October 2019.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Finding your best fit, starting your business, finding and analyzing deals, building your team, finding buyers, putting the money together, growing your business, scaling up, and reaching your life goals. We will walk through these steps with you. Your life, your dreams, your pace. We are all here to help each other. And when you are in, you will be one of those helping others in their journey.

important things you should know

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your admission to all local networking meetings is included with your membership
  • Access to member-exclusive content on this site. 
  • Two presentations each week are posted and available only to members
  • Discounts on all Flipping America offerings – courses, events, mentoring, products.

For Individual and Coaching memberships, yes. Individual is $10/mon and Coaching is $50/mon

You will receive the opportunity to join in on the Wednesday Mentoring calls with Roger and his coaches. You won’t have access to the video training they are receiving but you can learn much from interacting with the group. 

The Courses contain the information you need to start, grow, and succeed in the real estate investing business. The Mentoring Packages build on the course information with specific individual and small group guidance. 

Frankly, your options are limited, but the fact that you are now owning this reality is a big step to climbing out. Join at the $10/month level, work on your credit, learn how to stack cash, and change your life. 

You have a TON of options. Flipping America is a nationally syndicated radio show, owns a property-buy/sell platform, and owns this REIA (along with multiple groups on meetup.com). Click here to learn more. 

Every meeting is an opportunity to get advice and direction. The meetings might cost $5-10 to attend, but that’s almost free! For a truly free experience, go to rogerblankenship.com and click to schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy call. You will get a coach’s undivided attention at no cost or obligation. Roger takes a few of these calls each week himself. Who knows? You might find yourself speaking with the Flipping America Guy. 

Yes we can. Real Estate investing offers a bewildering array of opportunities. We can help you match the opportunities with your current life circumstances

This happens at nearly every local meeting. all you need to do is show up with a deal. Our members have pledged to help each other. They will not “steal” your deal from you. (But they might buy it from you!)

Each of our local group meetings have time for deal presentations, so the answer is “yes.” But you should also head over to the FAN and list it there. It’s FREE to list properties. Pay only $100 when you go to contract. 

The primary qualification is the ability to find a space and get at least 5-10 people to join you. We will provide the structure and content and help with attendance building. 

Once you set your meeting location, you charge $5-10 admission and keep whatever you collect. You become an affiliate for Roger Blankenship and earn a 15% affiliate fee on any product or service he offers, from courses to mentoring.