Life is a constant string of negotiations. When you were a child you negotiated with your parents all the time – allowance, punishments, incentives, curfew times, etc. As an adult you negotiate more than you might think. Most of the things you buy have a fixed price, but when you are tuned up and tuned in, there are more opportunities everywhere. It could be as simple as getting that seat on the plane you really want, or a better deal on a car. In business, negotiation is a common practice across all industries. To get what you want, you must acquire these skills. You want to become a great persuader. Then you want to balance your power with compassion and a genuine interest in the needs of the person with whom you are negotiating. You could be ruthless if you want, but that’s not the way we roll. 

We believe you can get what you want AND the other party can get what they need almost every time. You don’t need to master a long list of techniques, or pressure or steamroller tactics. Genuine empathy takes more time, but the end result is more satisfying. 

Scott Ulmer and Tan Michell and their teams negotiate dozens of real estate deals every week. They have seen it all, heard it all, and overcome most of it. And they will be on hand to give you some tips and tricks that will help your negotiations with sellers, buyers, contractors, employees, or even your family or best friends. 

Plus – everyone who listens in is going to be given a special coupon code for Roger Blankenship’s Negotiation Mini-Course. It normally sells for $29 but this code will take the price down to $15. 


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7:30 Greetings and Introductions

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8:00 Audience Q&A 

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