Roger Blankenship buys and sells multiple houses every week. To date he’s been personally involved in the selection, purchase and sale of nearly 2000 properties. He’s used his own money maybe 20 times. You could say he knows a thing or two about using other people’s money. And Wednesday he’s going to share his secrets with you. 

Not only is he going to share with you how it works, he’s going to introduce you to a brand new resource at Flipping America that will help you put it all together. 

You’ll understand the funding stack the big companies use to put together billion dollar deals and exactly how you can apply those principles to your own business. Get the rehab process right and you could be flipping multiple properties with none of your own money. 

He won’t tell you it’s easy – because it’s not. But once you understand the process, and if you will apply yourself to gaining the skills you need to make it work, it will become second nature.