Corporate Membership

The FAREIA meets every Wednesday from noon – 2 and Thursday from 7-9 (all times Eastern). We meet in small groups across the country and at 1pm on Wednesday and 8pm on Thursday members and member groups will join a video call with the presentation of the day. The presentation lasts 20-30 minutes and there is always a Q&A time. The Questions may be about the presentation or about anything related to real estate investing. Local groups will participate in structured networking before the call and open networking after.

Corporate members automatically provide individual memberships to every employee within the company (The company provides a list each year.)

Corporate members also receive discounts on all Flipping America related sponsorships and opportunities. These include 50% discounts on meeting sponsorships ($50/week or $350/8-pack), event sponsorships (typically $500-$1000), online courses ($5,000 and up), Radio Show Feature Interviews ($500 and up). If you intend to market with us, the Corporate Sponsorship can save hundreds, perhaps thousands.